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HOME > PRODUCTS > CAS 133-37-9 DL-Tartaric acid has antioxidant activity
CAS 133-37-9 DL-Tartaric acid has antioxidant activity
CAS No. £º 133-37-9
English Name £º DL-Tartaric acid
English Alias £º 2,3-Dihydroxysuccinic acid /Ordinary Tartaric Acid /UNII:4J4Z8788N8 /EINECS 205-105-7 /MFCD00071626 /Butanedioic acid, 2,3-dihydroxy-, (2R,3R)-rel-
Density £º 1.9¡À0.1 g/cm3
Boiling Point £º 399.3¡À42.0 ¡ãC at 760 mmHg
Melting Point(oC) £º 200-206oC
Molecular Formular £º C4H6O6
Molecular Weight £º 150.087
Flash Point£º 209.4¡À24.4 ¡ãC
Exact Mass £º 150.016434
PSA£º 115.06000
LogP£º -1.43
Appearance£º White crystalline powder
Storage conditions£º 1. Storage shall be sealed.

2. Packed in woven bags or gunny bags lined with plastic bags, with a N.W of 25kg or 50kg each. Keep away from oxidant and fire source. Do not store with liquid alkali. 

Pay attention to rain and moisture protection. 

Store in a dry and cool place. Store and transport according to general chemical regulations.

Vapor pressure£º 0.0¡À2.1 mmHg at 25¡ãC
Refractive index£º 1.586
HS Code  :     2918120000
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