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CAS 39469-86-8 ferric potassium oxygen(-2) anion
CAS No.  39469-86-8
English Name  ferric potassium oxygen(-2) anion
English Alias  potassiumferrate /Potassium iron oxide /MFCD01321363
Density  N/A
Boiling Point  N/A
Melting Point(oC)  >400 <C(lit.)
Molecular Formular  K2FeO4
Molecular Weight  126.942
Flash Point N/A
Exact Mass  126.888481
Appearance Brownish red crystal
Storage conditions

Belongs to inorganic oxidant. Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Shall not be stored and transported together with organic matter, acids and reducing agents. 

Shall be protected from sunlight and moisture, and away from fire and heat source.

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